Microsoft Windows Home Server Toolkit v1.1 ke stažení

Nová verze (nahrazuje „původni verzi 1.0“:/2008/06/20/windows-home-server-toolkit-v1-ke-stazeni/) diagnostické sady pro Windows Home Server.

Windows Home Server Toolkit v1.1, slouží zejména k řešení potíží v Windows Home Server.

**Obsah diagnostického balíčku Microsoft Windows Home Server Toolkit v1.1**
– **Error Reporting:** The Error Reporting tool collects log files from your home computer and sends them to Microsoft. These log files are useful to Microsoft Support when troubleshooting problems you may encounter with Windows Home Server.
– **Windows Home Server Connector Troubleshooter:** The Windows Home Server Connector Troubleshooter is a program that runs on your home computer to help troubleshoot problems you may encounter while installing the Connector software. The Connector Troubleshooter runs a series of tests to check the most common Connector Setup problems, and then it recommends possible solutions.
– **Windows Home Server Toolkit Add-in:** You can also use the Troubleshooter to install a Windows Home Server Toolkit Add-in on your home server. With this Add-in, you can run troubleshooting tasks from the Windows Home Server Console Settings page.

„Windows Home Server Toolkit User Manual v 1.1“:

„Microsoft Windows Home Server Toolkit v1.1 (x86) ke stažení“:

„Microsoft Windows Home Server Toolkit v1.1 (x64) ke stažení“:

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